We highly suggest submitting all artwork via e-mail as vector files with all text converted to curves or outlines, the document color mode set to CMYK, and all colors called out as PANTONE PMS® colors from the solid coated swatch palette.

three lanyards


AI – Adobe Illustrator® [we prefer files saved to version CS]
CDR – CorelDRAW® [any version]
EPS – Encapsulated Post Script

Note: Artwork created in another program and merely saved as one of these file extensions does not guarantee acceptable artwork [e.g. a JPEG saved in Illustrator® as an “AI” file does not make it a vector file.]

When unable to send vector art, a resolution of at least 300 dpi is suggested for all GIF’s, JPEG’s, and TIFF’s [non-vector formats].


CAMERA-READY ART [read more in next section]
JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group
GIF – Graphic Interchange Format
PDF – Portable Document Format
PSD – Photoshop Document [we prefer files saved to version CS]
TIFF – Tagged Image Format File [must be saved with its Byte Order as “PC”]

Note: These formats will NOT always be acceptable depending on the product being ordered and the quality of the submitted file.

CAMERA-READY ART is flat, sharp, black & white line art (graphics and text) on smooth paper. Artwork submitted as camera-ready must be able to be scanned in Adobe Photoshop® and “Live Traced” in Adobe Illustrator® without additional work by a graphic artist. This includes art that has to be retraced, redrawn or reworked on the computer by a graphic artist in any way.

If artwork does not meet required camera-ready specifications, an art preparation fee of $75 per hour will be required with a one-hour minimum. We will notify customer if artwork does not meet required camera-ready specifications before cleaning any art.

To increase perceived resolution, you may submit your camera-ready artwork at least double the size of the final imprint, up to 8.5″ x 11″. Please do not exceed letter size paper as this is our maximum scannable area.