Ahh, there’s nothing better than the warm, crisp smelldye-sublimated lanyard of a new lanyard straight out of the dye-sub printer. Perfect colors, flawless logo… bliss.

Maybe not bliss, but it certainly is exciting! You’re probably wondering… “How did it reach such perfection?” and “What process did it go through before landing around the necks of millions of lanyard-wearers?”

We all learned about the process of sublimation in middle school science class (quick tutorial: it’s the process of transforming a solid directly to a gas). Dye-sublimation utilizes heat to transfer dye directly onto lanyard material. As the dye transfers, it transitions from a solid directly to a gas, foregoing the liquid stage completely. After being heated into a gas, the dye diffuses onto the lanyard and solidifies after cooling. A thin laminate is applied on top to prevent re-sublimation and discoloration when exposed to warm temperatures.

The intricate process produces colors that appear exactly as they should and spot-on logos. This is a great way to remain 100% consistent with your brand image; enjoy a product that looks flawless and a laminate coat that protects from damage.

We want you to see the result of dye-sublimation first hand. Mention DYESUB in your request for a quote and receive 10% off our regular pricing for your entire dye-sublimated order!

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