We know exactly what lanyard to recommend to fit your organization’s wants and needs. Every good lanyard company should… so we want to take it one step further and show you how to use lanyards to benefit your organization.

These suggestions are memorable, one-of-a-kind, and guaranteed to be a hit.

fashion lanyardMake a Fashion Statement
Know an aspiring designer who is anxiously awaiting their big break into the fashion world? Sponsor a fashion show for them, making sure all VIP attendants wear your lanyards. Order custom lanyards imprinted with your company logo and watch as all the show-goers pay attention to the clothing AND your promotional lanyards.

Take a Field Trip
Many colleges and universities have already caught on to the lanyard trend. Why not introduce them to your elementary school? When children go on field trips, school lanyardit’s always a hassle to keep track of their belongings, more specifically their money for lunch or certain odds and ends. An imprinted lanyard with your elementary school’s name and logo would be a perfect way for each student to carry their own money and important information in case of emergencies. Double the lanyard as a name badge so chaperone parents can distinguish each student.

wine holder lanyardWine and Dine
Do you manage a winery? Lanyards could be the perfect
addition to your business. As patrons roam the orchards and admire the grounds of your vineyard, they bring along a few bottles of wine for the journey. A custom lanyard imprinted with your winery’s name could be the perfect tool for your patrons. Add an attachment that holds a wine opener, and you’ve just created a must-have for the vineyard experience. More of a beer snob? Skip the wine and opt for beers and cheers at your local brewery, equipped with a custom lanyard/bottle opener.

business card lanyardNetwork
If you’ve ever hosted a networking event, you know how chaotic they become. Business cards bombard the room, making it difficult to keep track of them. A lanyard would be the perfect tool for the job. Buy our custom lanyards imprinted with your networking event or trade show name. Then sell them or hand them out at the door to all participating members. Watch as the lanyards become an instant business card holder. It’s a great way to promote your networking group while giving your members an ideal tool to store their connections.

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